Analysis Of Things Fall Apart

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The book Things Fall Apart shines light on the traditions, culture, and struggles of tribal Africa. Through the use of the Igbo people in the Umuofia clan, this book touches on everything from racism, the oppression of the African culture faced by the Europeans, to the effect that colonization had on Africa as a whole. By using these characters, the author conveys to the readers what life was like in the Igbo culture, and with that is able to show the readers the fact that Africa has a beautiful past, far older than just the times after colonization. This book, as well as the video from Dr. Basil Davidson, contributed to a recurring theme of change in the Igbo culture and in African civilization during this time. Africa, The Voyage of Discovery: Different but Equal, discusses the hardships that Africans face due to their race. Dr. Davidson says that “racism is a modern sickness”, and that in the grand scheme of things, Africans have suffered the most oppression in recent history than any other race. While many people compost literature highlighting the negative stereotypes of African...

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