Analysis Of Then Later His Ghost

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A determination is a driving force that helps people through rough times in their lives. Without determination, people would no longer strive for their goals. Throughout the short story, ‘Then Later, His Ghost,’ Sarah Hall shows how strength and determination can get you through these tough times. This theme is made clear through the severe setting the characters are faced with and her use of symbolism. This short story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. It is unclear to the readers how the world got to be this way. This story takes place four years after all this chaos began. The narrator does an excellent job setting the scene throughout the story using lots of details. It is revealed throughout the story that it takes place during…show more content…
The male protagonist is a dynamic character who changes and expressing his thoughts throughout the story. Because this story is told from a third-person limited point of view, there is not much known about the female character. It is revealed that her name is Helen and she is carrying a child. Although it is not stated within the story, there is a possibility that Helen was raped. It is not directly stated how she became pregnant or anything about her past. However, it is said that when she was found there were two freshly dead men nearby. Could they have raped her? Or could one of the men possibly have been her husband? Despite the fact that these two characters did not know each other before all of this happened, the main character is still motivated to help Helen in any way that he can. Throughout most of this story, he says that he is looking for the last few acts of a play. The play he is searching for is The Tempest by William Shakespeare. He is determined to find these pages because he believes it will help Helen because she loves to read. From the details that the author states, it seems as though Helen is undergoing depression and a lot of self-doubts. She is scared for what will come when the baby arrives and how they will survive. She never looked happy even when he tried to cheer her up. He is hoping that if he is able to find all of the pages and give the play to Helen she will be
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