Analysis Of The Whole Foods Market

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Whole Foods Market is a sustainable and environmentally conscious company that focuses in providing natural and organic foods (“MarketLine,” 2017). They have stores and office throughout the US, Canada, and the U.K. Their product line included produce, dairy, meat, baked foods, coffee/tea, beer/wine, nutritional supplements, beauty care, pet foods, and household goods (“MarketLine,” 2017). The headquarters of Whole Foods Market is in Austin, Texas and as a whole the company has garnered revenues of $15,724 million in just the fiscal year ending September 2016 (“MarketLine,” 2017). A total of 465 retail stores are currently functioning in the world and they all incorporate organic, natural, and healthy alternatives to the large supermarket industry…show more content…
More than 400 locations are currently in business which demands a business structure that is able to adapt to the location or region in where it is operating (Smithson, 2017). The foundational structural comes from a four-tier hierarchy which involves the headquarters, regional offices spread out around North America and the U.K., facilities of storage, and stores (Smithson, 2017). Each tier reports to the tier above it to keep a vertical line of communication going. The fact that Whole Foods Market is international means that they need to study and analyze their regional market so they can accordingly adjust their business activities (Smithson, 2017). Whether there is a store or facility in the eastern coast of the United States or in London, according to local business practices and even marketing demands, they can adjust. Each of these divisions in different countries has a president and multiple regional administrators to take care of the changes in marketing condition, customer relations, and employee relations (Smithson, 2017). These separate heads and groups are necessary for the changing supermarket industry. Along with that, teams in-store help divide work duties and specialize tasks so that employees have their own product lines that they take care of. When these employees are well-versed in their product lines only and are able to focus on their areas, it increases customer satisfaction and
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