Analysis Of The Weeping Woman By Pablo Picasso

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For my evaluative essay I chose to pick a piece of work from Pablo Picasso. He was one of the most influential painters in the 20th century, as well as the father of cubism. At a young age Picasso was attracted to the arts and soon went to fine art schools. However, he would always get bored of the classroom and skip class to paint what he saw.
One of his paintings that stuck out to me was the Weeping Woman. It was painted in 1937. It was the last painting of a series that responded to the Luftwaffe’s bombings of Guernica.This particular paintings has many of the principles of art that we have been talking about in class.

When I first saw this painting my eyes were drawn in by the color. Picasso did an exquisite job of allowing the
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He uses not only thick and thin lines, but also ones that are curving. That adds interest value to the painting. You have the lines that make her hair to appear to be flowing, and the lines he places on the face are able to capture the exact emotion of the woman in a uniquely abstract way. Something else that fascinates me about his line work, are the hands. When you first look at the painting they seem to blend into her face, but as you go deeper you see them.
The amount of repetition he uses in this piece is remarkable. Picasso uses the same color scheme throughout this painting. I feel like that was very smart on his part. By having the same yellow in the background and on the hands, and the same red on the sleeves of the shirt and in the background as well, unite the painting. The repetition of thick and thin lines also very prominent. One other thing that repeats throughout this painting is the use of shapes. He uses a lot of geometric type shapes all over this piece. The repetition greatly unifies this painting.
There are many varieties of shape in this piece. He uses triangular shapes in the hands, circles for the eyes, unique geometric shapes in the shirt and for the head piece, and many rectangles in the background. The use of different shapes makes the work more interesting to look
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