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The Volkswagen AG, which is located in Germany, is Europe’s most selling automotive company and next to its main competitors Toyota and General Motors, the second most selling worldwide. Volkswagen designs, manufactures and distributes passenger and commercial vehicles, motorcycles, engines and turbomachinery and offers related services including financing, leasing and fleet management. Especially in Germany the automotive industry is the second important in the manufacturing industry on the labor market after Mechanical Ingeneering. In 2013 nearly 850.000 people were employed in the automotive industry, 38 % of this number were working for supplying companies (, 2014). On the one hand high-educated specialists and University Graduates…show more content…
The company is laying emphasis on developing the car for tomorrow while at the same time ensuring the protection of environment (Karriere, 2014). The working conditions in Volkswagen are very much flexible for the employees.The working hours on a daily basis depend on the number of shifts and a on weekly basis the average number of hours is between 25-34 hours.Volkswagen is a company which invests in their employees and allows them to maintain a work life balance.So depending on the demand of the product ,company varies it’s working hours and different working time models are created which suit the employees.This saves company the cost of recruiting extra employees and make existing employees…show more content…
Also there is “WOMAN DRIVING AWARD“ which encourage female engineers to develop their passion for technology and make significant contributions to the company (Karriere, Volkswagen Karriere, 2014). There are some other training programmes which gives employees new opportunities for developing their knowledge and skill and move up in the world.Employees have different options which includes E-learning and seminars.Employees can study from on line material uploaded on their account which they can access from anywhere and any time and seminars gives employees to expand their knowledge and share their experiences (Karriere, Volkswagen Karriere, 2014). 4. VW and Social

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