Analysis Of The Universal Health Care System

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The United States is the most famous high-quality medical service in the world, but it is also the largest health care spending at the same time. The total health expenditure in the United States in 2014 was as high as 17.1% of GDP, but the million of people in the United States are struggling with unfordable medical care and even end up with bankrupt because of the extremely high cost of service. In contrast, health care spending in the UK is only 9.1% of GDP in 2014 and 6.7% in Taiwan, and both of these two countries have the full cover of insurance for their citizens. The Congressional Budget Office predicts that health care spending in the United States can reach 30% of GDP by 2035 without health care reform. In 2010, Obama increased the…show more content…
The universal health care system is the development direction of the medical security system. At present, the universal health care reform faces two major problems. First, the enormous pressure from vested interests. The reform of the new medical system not only directly damaged the interests of insurance companies and large pharmaceutical groups, but also the interests of small business owners in a short time. Privatization and monopoly of the medical system make medical pricing lack of transparency, and hospitals and pharmaceutical companies enjoy huge profits. Anderson Cancer Center in 2010 the turnover of 2.05 billion US dollars, the profits is up to 531 million US dollars and the profit margins are as high as 26%. On the one hand, these big interest groups use the money to buy politics. On the other hand, they buy media and elite groups and use public opinion to mislead people. Second, universal health care is facing the challenge of traditional ideology. The reform of the entire healthcare system emphasizes the role of the government in the universal access to health care, which will stimulate the nerves of the American people, especially conservatives, who advocate freedom. Right-wing Republicans insist that only free markets are the only way out of medical problems, but that 's not the case. Political consensus and social common sense are the core of government reform of health
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