Analysis Of The Three Pegs Of Relationships

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I’m trying to process my feelings and make sense of this loss. However, as I reflect back on our relationship, compatibility and the core of what made us, “us,” I find myself unable to accept this abrupt conclusion. This is what I see when I break down the foundation into the three pegs of our relationship: Our physical intimacy/passion is undeniably strong in, almost, every way. In this, our sex lives, our desires to do activities (sports, entertainment, food, ect.), and joy we feel while in each other’s company (love, respect, overall ebb and flow of being together and in each other’s space). This is where we click and everything just falls into place. In my opinion, most people in relationships can only say they connect on some of these things but not all and have to work considerably harder to maintain and make this functional. There is no comparison to how well you and I connect in this way and to others. We blow this out of the water!…show more content…
This is a part of our relationship that has potential for growth and expansion, which we talk in-depth about. In fact, I think this is where we differ in thinking of how a relationship progresses. This is an area of our relationship that, I believe, we have a strong base to continue to build on, which will mold our relationship further. It is here that we will find our feelings grow or fade, leading us to a “wavelength” that suits us both or

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