Analysis Of The Strategic Milan Model

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The family system I least resonate with is the Strategic Family Therapy Milan Model. The Milan Model’s primary intervention is the use of rituals to engage families in a series of actions that include exaggerated ridged family myths and rules, thus breaking the loyalty rules by amplifying such with extended family. Therefore, the therapy change is to break apart the clan, with the element of family members talking about another member amongst extended family, outside of sessions to break down the family loyalty rule to halt the dysfunctional system (Nichols, 2012). However, such system components such as rituals may create a power struggle between the counselor and the family (Nichols, 2012). In my family of origin my maternal grandmother struggled with her hierarchical parent’s…show more content…
There were no adverse triangles involving my parents and me. In my viewpoint, it is crucial not to triangulate a child in a parent’s dyad negatively. A child should not be privy to finances, intimate and sexual relationships, or such parental concerns. Interestingly, the Strategic Milan Model has an unusual use of the directives which does not address such negative triangles, there is an overreliance on manipulation, and games used in a technique that may make families experience an irrational power that lacks a structural, hierarchal view. Also, the theory’s problematic view is that a family member may have unilateral control over another family member, that again ignores a hierarchal structure along with the counselor’s goal, which seems not to have a specific purpose. My family of origin has a history of the generational hierarchal structure, rules, roles, and clear and permeable boundaries; therefore, this model does not resonate with my interest nor does it lay a foundation in my cultural community subsystem such as school, which gears more toward the Structural Family System
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