Analysis Of The Stand Your Ground Law

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In any scenario of argumentation, it is important to acknowledge the opposition in order to offer the audience a well-rounded argument, prevent the appearance of avoidance, and utilize the section to answer any lingering questions about the opposing side of the debate. The opposition to maintaining the Stand your Ground Law as it is in the State of Florida is based in two socially acceptable notions whereas the law could easily be interpreted to be unjust and promoting bias in the justice system and community. Specifically, the concerns are found in the perception of fear and the potential for racial connotations to be considered in these perceptions (O’Mara, 2014). In order to express the rebuttal for these concerns, it is necessary to first…show more content…
This is necessary to distinguish between the race relations as they are related to the community and how they are related to one particular law and the criminal justice system as a whole. The ugly fact is, according to Sharpe (2013), that racism exists as a separate social institution albeit one that is socially unacceptable and publicly chastised in the United States of America. This is the issue that must be address and not a specific law that is used to either justify or blame for…show more content…
Perhaps the most astonishing realization was the need for additional studies to reflect the deterrence mechanism of the law. In fact, there were surprisingly few studies conducted about the law in general considering the attention that it has received in the media. Instead, the databases and news sources were flooded with opinions. Therefore, recommendations for future study would be based on gaining more statistical data in relation to the effectiveness of the law. These studies should objectively focus on the comparison of violent crimes before and after implementation with control variables predetermined. Subjectively, a sense of safety could be determined qualitatively to address the continuum or absence of fear which would indicate a true war on

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