Analysis Of The Spoilt Generation

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Recently I came across your article on Mail Online about “The Spoilt Generation: Parents who fail to exert authority breeding youngsters with no respect for anyone”, and would like to briefly highlight the deficiency in your article. There are indeed some elements of truth in your point, adolescents are now described as ‘spoilt generation’, but the way you appeal it in this article caused me to think otherwise.

In the article, you utilized exaggeration to bury the weakness in your points. According to your article, the children suppose an adult to earn their respect instead of vice versa. ‘Nursery-aged children are becoming increasingly violent and disrespectful towards teachers’, it is stated in your article that children are fighting and
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You criticised parents because they are not able to devote their time to their children due to long working hours. As a result, the children lose self control and start developing violent actions. ‘Parents are trying to buy their children’s love, which is toxic’, Elliott labelled the method that parents are doing as ‘toxic’. According to your article, this practice leads the children to lose their self-control and have no boundaries over anything. When children request something to their parents, parents could not afford to say the word ‘no’ as they would feel guilty because they have not been providing their children quality time. Parents are then obliged to say ‘yes’ to most of the favor asked by their children. The way you address it suggests that it is the parents’ duty to spend more time with their children--but by what means? It is clearly not the parent's’ liability that their children turns out to be what they are today. At the same time, it could be acknowledged that it is a disadvantage for both parents and children not to spend time together. On the contrary, it could also be argued that no one would want to have long working hours, the reason why parents are taking in the job is due to high wages. If they have less working hours, they will certainly earn less income and will feel

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