Analysis Of The Spear Bearer By Doryphoros

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Learning is best when it is hands on training, and the same also apply to seeing arts in person. In 1986, Minneapolis Institute of Art adopted the sixth version of “The Doryphoros” which is the “Spear Bearer” by Polykleitos. The sculpture dates 120-50 BCE. The original medium is bronze, but the Roman made it out of marble because it is less expensive. Also, it is also easy to recast the figure. They were intrigued with this sculpture so they stole the art, and made numerous copies of the statue all over Rome. Even though the sculpture is a marble copy, the sculptor did an excellent job on emulating and modeling this monument for people to look, examine and compare it with the original one. It is a pleasure to see the sculpture standing tall in front of me. The sculpture looks as beautiful as a model who is about to pose for a picture…show more content…
In addition, the feeling created from the book is not as intense as it is in real life. The feelings of astonishment and startling when looking at the Spear Bearer make art more appealing to learn and study even though I have a declared major and minor. Why would I decide to write about the Spear Bearer when there are many other fabulous arts I can choose from, including potteries and fresco paintings? Well, it is simple. This figure is common and very familiar to me; thereby I have many things to share. First of all, it is interesting to me to see such skills that the sculptor has that enables him to carve the art with perfect contour line. The shape of the body and the anatomy of the person are almost identical to a real person—even better than an average person. The ability to make the marble figure stand also fascinates my eyes. The whole body is supported by a standing part of the marble along with a small part that holds the body, from the right arm to the right hip, to prevent the figure from falling and collapsing into fine
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