Analysis Of The Song ' White Privilege II '

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Racism in different perspectives Throughout history, rap music has been a voice for an artist to express their beliefs and address world issues. I 'm an 18-year-old African-American Male who was raised in a middle-class family. Music has always been an important way for me to express myself like many other teenagers. It is common to hear rappers take a standpoint on a controversial topic, such as racism, wealth inequality, and violence, and speak about it. With the increase of police brutality and the growth in the Black Lives Matter movement, rappers and other phenomenon’s have gravitated towards addressing this topic. Most recently, Macklemore released a single, which explained the story of being at a Black Lives Matter protest in his own perspective as a white man. In the song “White Privilege II”, it wanders away from talking about class of society and focuses more on race and social issues. According to Wikipedia, “white privilege is a term for societal privileges that benefit people identified as white in Western countries, beyond what is commonly experienced by non-white people under the same social, political, or economic circumstance”. In this song Macklemore expresses the importance on race and how white privilege affects people in different ways. Because Macklemore and other white people accept the fact that white privilege benefits them, it is difficult for them to speak about racial issues and discrimination. Many whites tend to have a Sporadic feeling of an unspoken guilt. “White Privilege II”, share the perspective of white people who’re acclimated with the black movements while also addressing the racial issues within our society and encouraging both races to work together in order to eliminate them. Macklemor... ... middle of paper ... ...might relate with me. White privilege and discrimination will always be a factor on the world no matter how many artist, musicians, politicians or world phenomenon’s fight to eliminate it. But injustice and racism can become less detrimental to the lives of many people if these type of unspoken ideas are addressed. The song “White Privilege” by Macklemore mainly connects with white people but the elements within the song can somewhat be relative to black people. Macklemore’s use of verses adds a substantial amount of content within the song which is what helped me relate with the song. The whole song was basically geared towards his race because he uses his emotions and perspective throughout the song to express his feelings toward the black movements. Within the eight minutes he maintains to keep the focus on the socio-political message of racial discrimination.

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