Analysis Of The Social Contract, By Jean Jacques Rousseau

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In The Social Contract, or Principles of Political Rights, by Jean Jacques Rousseau touches upon how the role of political power plays into everyday life in the eighteenth century. Through the reading he touches upon the functions of intelligent thinking and how citizens create an unwritten contract in order to create a better society. Jean Jacques Rousseau is one of the many enlightenment thinkers of this time and he is one of the few to relied on women to better understand what he was trying to say. Just like in any book there are bias and subjects one needs to address to better understand this reading. Bias can stem from being this is just one of the many enlightenment thinker works written during this period and how modern day governments approached the idea presented in the great minds of enlightenment thinkers. The author of this source is Jean Jacques Rousseau, an eighteenth century philosopher, writing and composer. His ideas were one of the many voices of the Enlightenment era throughout France and across Europe. Mr. Rousseau was well educated and already published many different works before publishing The Social Contract, or…show more content…
Historians can use this source to understand how a another well know enlightenment thinker of the eighteenth century approached the vastly different period of time were advancements were being made in the scientific field. Also learn according to Mr. Rousseau on the topic of how society is formed and the rights of the people. Historians can use this source to better understand how one another in the eighteenth century addressed the sense topics, which the ruling parties might not have supported. These topics are important to historians because of the insights it gives to the eighteenth century everyday