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The skeleton in the closet is a saga about skeletons living in the family closets. Skeletons often referred to as personal or family secrets can destroy lives or entire families. Whether we live in mansions, suburbs, beach or a small apartment on the west side of town, most families have their own private skeletons, hidden from everyone except themselves.
The Barnes’s family was no different with their own unique skeletons living in private closet. These skeletons ranged from adultery, lies, murder, and crimes destined to destroy the family they cherished and loved.
Andrew Barnes, head of the Barnes family, although loved and esteemed by the citizens of Jackson Heights, Connecticut, where he had lived for many years, Yet the skeletons in
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We won’t know anymore, until we finish our investigation, but we believe someone attack her while she slept and carried outside. The boys found a large bloody statue in the trash can under some trash,” Detective Wallace said.
Consoling her, Detective Johnson asked, “Is there someone we can call to be with you?” “Please, call my husband, Jerry, his number is on my phone,” she said, handing him the phone.
After locating the number, Detective Johnson called several times, before he said, “He isn’t answering. Is there someone else we can call?”
“That’s okay; I’ll be all right. Thank you,” Marlene said, going to the front door with them and watched as they went to the car.
“I need to see Frank,” she said, grabbing her purse.
Without worrying about who may see her, Marlene drove down Riverdale Blvd, allowing her mind to wander, thinking about the good times, she and her mother enjoyed since her father passed away several years ago. Suddenly tears poured down her face, forcing her to stop at the curb. “I’m sorry, Mom, you can’t be dead. What am I going to do without my best friend? Dear God, please wake me from this nightmare,” she
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“Dad, how could anybody murder a sweet woman like Grandma Katherine,” Ashley said, after hugging her grand and grandparents, she started upstairs.
Have you two eaten?” Jerry asked.
“We had Pizza,” Mark said following his sister upstairs to do their homework.
Jerry asked, “Dad, did you and Mom eat?”
Speaking up quickly, Margaret said, “We’ve not eaten. When your dad heard about Katherine, he forgot about dinner and wanted to get over here to be with you guys.” “I’m not the cook Marlene is, considering what she is going through, I won’t ask her to prepare something, but Mom, if you’ll help me, we can make something for us,” Jerry said ready to go the kitchen.
“Come on son, I’ll help you,” Margaret said, following Jerry in the kitchen.
“Guess we should’ve ordered Pizza, but it’s too late now,” Andrew said.
Marlene wept as she and Andrew shared memories of happier times with Katherine.
Entering the living room Jerry carried a tray filled with sandwiches, chips, and baked beans he and has prepared. When they had finished, Marlene volunteered to clear the dishes.
“Thank you, that hit the spot,” Andrew said. After visiting a short time, Margaret asked, “Marlene, is there anything we can do before we

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