Analysis Of The Simpsons

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The Simpsons is a beloved television show that first aired in 1989 and since has become completely ingrained with American culture. The show while known for being a comedy and making people laugh is much more than that. The Simpsons is a show that since it’s conception was created to comment on the American Society and the culture that has developed with in it. As the show has run for twenty seven years now it has offered many different views on the American Society.The program has displayed the good, bad, and the ugly perception of the American Culture. The show often use cultural and literary references to help convey it’s message on the American culture that developed within the American society. The Simpsons doesn’t always convey the happy…show more content…
The film Citizen Kane shows that how money does not create happiness. In the film the main character Charles Foster Kane spends his whole life trying to spend his money to find happiness but at the end of his life he yearns for the day’s when he was an innocent child and played with his sled named rosebud. Ultimately the film displays that a person can have all the money in the world but will not be happy. The Simpsons episode “Rosebud” conveys a similar message but one that relates more to the average American. In the episode Mr.burns realizes he isn’t happy with the life he is living and just like Charles Foster Kane yearns for the thing that will remind him of his innocent childhood. while Kane longed for his sled Mr.Burns longed for his teddy bear Bobo. Mr.Burns offers up a reward for the bear that would change the life of the average American. When Maggie discovers the stuffed bear Homer is tasked with the difficult decision of deciding to sell the bear to Mr.Burns or to let his daughter keep the bear to make her happy. Homer at the end of the day decides that his daughters happiness is more important than money even though the reward would change the lives of the Simpson family. The message which The Simpsons is trying to convey is that family is more important than money. This goes along with the philosophy of The Simpsons that the American culture is ingrained with good family values. This episode is a comment on the American society and how while people think money is what is important family is more important. Homer displays compassion and love for his daughter which is something that every American should do. The average American cares deeply for their family and would do anything to make them happy. While “Rosebud” is just one episode there are many episodes that convey the family values that the Simpson family displays. The television program shows how family values
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