Analysis Of The Silk Road And The Internet Of Antiquity

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Tabreek Somani
Year 8
Individuals and Societies
5 December, 2014
Silk Road as “Internet of Antiquity”
The Silk Road is also known as “the internet of antiquity” as described by YoYoMa. The Silk Road was a network of trade routes linking the ancient world in commerce; it was established during the Han dynasty and was really diverse. The internet is a modern invention that has positively impacted the world. These influential networks did not exist during the same time but have similarities and differences that help accept Yo-Yo-Ma’s theory.
The Silk Road and internet link many people and cultures. On the Silk Road, traders interacted at different places; bazaars, caravanserais, and oases where they exchanged goods produced by their native
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Missionaries like Ibn Battuta preached religion on the Silk Road converting many people. Traders sustained their beliefs wherever they traveled and built religious houses of worship; such as shrines and temples. This helped them uphold their religion when they were away. Many ideas were exchanged wherever cultural diffusion occurred. Due to this many belief, and political systems, religions, languages and arts spread. The Silk Road allowed a lot of physical interaction where people needed good communication skills to succeed, as trading was all about convincing the other traders to buy your products in exchange for something more valuable in your country. The internet connects ideas and information from different people allowing them to learn from each other. However the way ideas spread on the internet is much different. There are also different websites that provide courses preaching religions such as The internet spreads religion similar to the Silk Road. Blogs and websites as well as forums allow faster virtual exchange of ideas and information. You don’t have to look for experts to find information, as you can just research articles or websites created by experts. Websites like Wikipedia are really useful as they have the wider knowledge from many people and are valid to find beneficial information. On the internet, it is quite easy to check the validity by comparing different…show more content…
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