Analysis Of ' The Seven Years Exile ' By Chinua Achebe

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The seven years exile from his village strengthened his notion of masculinity in the novel. He resented the people in his maternal land because they act like a female for fearing war. He found that the people in the new land were not fierce like the people of Umuofia village. The contrast between the two villages made Okonkwo to reinforce the notion towards masculinity. The people in the new village preferred compliance, negotiation as well as avoidance of bloodshed and anger. Okonkwo considered his uncle Uchedu a coward and effeminate for exemplifying the pacifist mode. The relationship between Okonkwo and his uncle Uchedu clearly brings out the view of masculinity and femininity in the novel. Achebe, therefore, explored the theme of masculinity through the actions of Okonkwo and Obiereka in making decisions in among the members of Igbo society. Language in the novels plays a significant role in understanding the cultural difference between members of Igbo society and the British colonialist. The formal and imaginative language of Igbo in the novel proved that African languages are stable and comprehensible. Achebe reveals that Africa is rich in both cultural aspects and languages. The novel portrayed that the language of the Igbo is very complex due to the difficulties in interpreting it to English. The novel shows the complexity of the language of Igbo which implies stability of the African continent. This helped Achebe to emphasize the fact Africa can operate successfully without using English language. The novel provided that it was difficult to understand Igbo culture through the European colonialist frameworks. Achebe pointed out that Africa have many diverse languages as shown by the language variations among the people of... ... middle of paper ... ...estern civilization. The reality of the story 's setting indicated the slow response of the Igbo in taking their children to school so as to acquire the formal education through the church. The members of Igbo society maintained very high levels of conservatism with a slow response to changes. The story 's setting shows the opposite of the aspects portrayed by the fictional world of the novel. Conclusively, Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe provides a detailed account and analysis of the cultural clash with colonialism among the members of Igbo society. The novel portrays a clear relationship between cultural traditions and colonial power with respect to western civilization. The theme of masculinity and femininity is also evident from the novel through how Okonkwo treated his wives. The tough struggle between change and traditions is also clear from the discussion.

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