Analysis Of The Seven Habits Of Highly Affected People

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Stephen Covey is the author of The seven habits of highly affected people , it’s a book about 7 habits that you should start from your teen years all the way to adulthood. The seven habits lead to success in life. So far I have only read three habits from the book. Habit one is about being proactive. The second habit is being with end mindset. The last habit, it's putting first things first. Did you know about 20% of teen in American don’t graduate high school? Don’t be the 20% and start using this habits now. The seven habits give you success in life. Habit one is being proactive it's about how you are in charge. It means you will be a change agent, in other words you will break a bad habit your family or parents have. For example, my father was a tobacco and alcohol user. My dad affected me and my family and many ways. In addition to having these bad habits for too long, his body was not as strong and couldn't resist pneumonia and die. It…show more content…
having end mindset means to have a plan. For example, you can make a timeline of your goals in life. This can help you by choosing the actions that will help you reach your goal. An example of me using this habit is that if I want to graduate high school as my short-term goal and a friend invites me to the movies and I have a final tomorrow I’m going to be with end mindset, and study because passing my final means that I will pass my class which leads me to graduate high school. Also, make a mission statement because it will give you a background on your life goals. Know your surroundings because they will help you reach your goal if they are getting you away from it get away from them because they are not helping you, “Sometimes it’s actually better to just hang out alone, to be honest.” Something you want to keep in mind is to discover your talents because it just gives you the satisfactory feeling that motivates you to keep on going. Habit two is to have a plan in
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