Analysis Of The Secrets Of The Sphinx

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The Sphinx is half animal and half human with a lion’s body and human face, however many were unsure of who’s face it was. One of the other unanswered questions was who built it and why? In the documentary, “Secrets of the Sphinx” these questions are answered with different theories. The sphinx is the biggest individual stone in the world, one of the most studied monuments, and one of the monuments seen in the Giza plateau. The sphinx brought many theories and one that caught my attention is that the Sphinx was built by Djedefhor, son of Khufu and self proclaimed son of the sun-god Ra. As well, his name meant “I am the son of fhor.” The theory that Djedefhor built the Sphinx after his father Khufu, a notorious pharaoh who built the Great Pyramid.…show more content…
As the video progressed for me it seemed like the puzzle of the Sphinx was close to getting completed. My opinion on how the Great Sphinx was built would be the same in the video that Djedephor developed the Sphinx in honor of his father and next to his father’s greatest work, the Great Pyramid. The way that the Sphinx came from a big piece of limestone left from Khufu’s quarry of creating his pyramid seems to make sense as how the Sphinx was carved from one individual stone. As well, how before the Great Sphinx there were smaller scales before it even one made of diorite, which is rare for the golden gleam it demonstrates. How there are different versions of the Sphinx where one is even a female and considered to be the wife of Djedefhor. Also, the implication that after Djedefhor’s death, his half-brother Khafre reigned after him and decided to add a temple and other components seems to make sense and is another piece in solving the puzzle of the Great…show more content…
I mean how they built their pyramids and the Great Sphinx, is just astonishing and to look at is astonishing. The way Egyptians inspired other cultures with their pyramids and sculptures. Also, how their culture showed their ways of power and the innovation i brought to their art just expanded my mind on Egypt and its art. As well as, the beauty in its art. Its stated in the video that the Great Sphinx was once painted a red-brown for the face, either green/olive eyes and golden and blue for the headpiece. Even now, looking at the Great Sphinx is like nothing else in the world truly, I can only imagine how it looked like in the time once it was finished and painted. All in all, I would recommend this video to people who want more information of Egypt and its culture and art in specific, the Great
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