Analysis Of The Revolution Will Not Be Televism

Ever since Christopher Columbus arrived in America in 1492, white people have constantly oppressed and discriminated against minority races. In my original essay, I addressed how leaders of the Black Arts Movement believed that the establishment of a separate Black culture provided the best opportunity for change to occur. During the time period of the Black Arts Movement, many thought that two separate spirits divided American society—a Black spirit and a White spirit. In the minds of African-Americans, the White spirit unfairly dominated and controlled America, leaving the Black spirit with little impact or voice in society. According to Larry Neal, “Western aesthetic has run its course: it is impossible to construct anything meaningful within…show more content…
To do this, African-Americans needed to, “define the world in their own terms,” and replace White culture with Black culture through art (Neal 1). Black Arts Movement leaders hoped that the new songs, values, and symbols that spoke directly to African-Americans would bring the community together and launch the ascension of the Black aesthetic. Gill Scott Heron’s poem, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, exemplifies how artists in the Black Arts Movement attempted to inspire the African-American community. This poem focused on how the entire African-American community must work together in order for meaningful change to occur. The opening stanza of the poem goes, “You will not be able to stay home, brother / … Skip out for beer during commercials / Because the revolution will not be televised” (Heron). This stanza signifies the importance of unity and how bystanding would be unacceptable during this revolution. Also, by saying people cannot, “Skip out for beer during commercials,” he implies how they can never take a break from fighting because racism never takes a break. Finally, by stating that the revolution won’t be televised, Heron acknowledges that white people won’t easily give Black culture or revolution the attention it deserves, so African-Americans need to put in extra effort for the revolution to

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