Analysis Of The Red Queen: Sex And Evolution Of Human Nature

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After reading the book entitled “The Red Queen: Sex and Evolution of Human Nature” written by Matt Ridley, I learned a lot about animal & human sexuality. This opened my mind to deeper understand human’s sexual behaviours and traits. This book describes the evolutionary psychology of sex. In a chain of convincing statements, the author used a character from one of Lewis Carroll’s famous works, “Through the Looking Glass”, the Red Queen, to explain why humans have sex. While the Red Queen must keep on running in order to stay in the same place, humans constantly struggle to stay ahead of their internal predators. The author claims that humanity’s greatest strategy to defeat these said predators is sex, since it is the only method to break the…show more content…
He says that a baboon’s smile implies threats, while a human’s smile usually portrays pleasure or liking in every culture around the world. The desire to reproduce through sexual activity proves the existence of a common human nature because it is an activity that passes on one’s characteristics to one’s offspring. He also suggested here that free will only exists for the purpose of contributing to human reproduction. Also, according to Ridley, sexuality is the common factor that ties all human nature together, even while each human being remains completely unique. He was able to explain his thought with clarity by providing proofs that leads to an understanding that all humans share the same genetic roots.
After giving proof that all humans share the same genetic roots, he delved into the differences between the human natures of males and females. This is where he provided some of his most unique and compelling arguments. He compared men’s attitudes towards sex and relationships contrary to the attitude of women. He also provided evidence that the concept of physical beauty is also an essential element of human nature. He explored the purpose of sex by making observations from examples found within the animal kingdom, throughout history and in cultures around the
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This is in line with the description of sexual selection, which was currently discussed by our biology professor during one of our lessons. It is when a biological being selects its mate with respect to its own preferences, and no doubt that physical attributes plays a huge part in selection. According to the book , people are attracted to those with a good reproductive and genetic potential. Or to put it simply, the powerful, healthy, fit, and beautiful. Whether a man realizes it or not, he falls in love with a woman for the reason that she is potentially fertile and can help propagate his gene

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