Analysis Of The Red Convertible

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In “The Red Convertible,” Louise Erdrich through her first- person narrator Lyman, creates an unspoken emotional bond between two brothers. This emotional bond between the brothers is not directly spoken to each other, but is rather communicated through and symbolized by “The Red Convertible.” In spite of what appears as a selfless act by one brother, in turn, causes pain in the other brother, as no feelings were communicated. In this case, Lyman explains his version as he takes us through the experiences that he and his brother Henry have with the car. At the beginning of the story, you find that Lyman and Henry are like somewhat typical brothers living on the reservation. Although between the two brothers, Lyman seemed to have an advantage in life in comparison to Henry. At the time they purchased the red convertible together, it was like a marriage between the brothers. Without a doubt, upon spotting the car, it appeared as a sign to them, as Lyman said, “before we had thought it over at all, the car belonged to…show more content…
Henry indeed had taken on the task of communicating a desire to repair the relationship through repairing the car. As Lyman told us, “he was out there all day, and at night” (328). Lyman however, was feeling left out of the relationship by allowing only Henry to work on the car. Lyman for the same reason was still speaking through the convertible as he was not interrupting Henry. By comparison, it is similar to a point in a relationship where one person is working on themselves, subsequently while the other is patiently waiting. Besides, Lyman during this time was patient, communicating through the car with thoughts of, “We had always been together before”(328). Lyman also had thoughts of, “ he [Henry] was such a loner I didn’t know how to take it”(328). Lyman’s patience undeniably paid off, and all the rain made way for
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