Analysis Of The Queing Of Philadelphia

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The purpose of the presentation is to discuss the “queering” of Philadelphia from the mid-twentieth century through present day using two related lenses. The first lens explores plurality within the queer community (an umbrella term referring to all those affiliated with non-straight identities), and the role of media representations in establishing niche communities within Philadelphia. The second perspective examines the queering of Philadelphia’s branded identity in a more general sense and illustrates how the representation of non-straight identities has been incorporated through the use of cinematic as well as other media sources.
Group 2 worked to shed light on the topic of queer Philadelphia by separating it into different parts that would allow for a clear understanding of the message we were aiming to explain. We move from the origin of the term queer to this history of gays and how they were depicted from the past to present day. Then move on to the specific historical significance of queer in Philadelphia such as the Gayborhood and the gay community in general.
It is important here to lay down a functional definition of the term “queer”. Queer media scholar Alexander Doty describes queerness as “something that is ultimately beyond gender- it is an attitude, a way of responding, that begins in a place not concerned with, or limited by, notions of a binary opposition of male and female or the homo versus hetero paradigm usually articulated as an extension of this gender binarism” (Doty, xv). It is important to know that today, it is best to state that a person is “queer” if you do not know where they fall when it comes to the LGBT community.
Next, we discuss the history of queer films located here in Philadelphia and exam...

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...t women and men were fundamentally different.” (Stein 13)
Through all of the struggles that the LGBT have endured they started to lose focus on the real goal of promoting equality and erasing the derogatory meaning of the word queer. This pursuit to reinventing the meaning of queer has been a long battle with ignorant people but with the new generations being more tolerant the future looks bright for the LGBT community.
Overall, Philadelphia has a rich history when it comes to queer culture, especially in the Gayborhood. Queering in Philadelphia has been see in many cinematic pieces, such as Philadelphia, Secrets, and one of the guys. As you see in those films and shorts, the term queer had been redefined. The LGBT community has had a long road of hardship and inequality, they can finally seeing the light at the end of the horrific and violent tunnel.

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