Analysis Of 'The Punisher' By Rodrigo Duterte

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Zamora, Jeril G
Andre Peralta
English 27 – XB
May 16, 2016

Presidential: Duterte bares plans 'if' he runs for president for 2016 election.
Thesis: Who is 'The Punisher' Rodrigo Duterte - the tough-talking mayor poised to become the next Philippine president?
He brags about his Viagra-fuelled womanizing, revels in the nickname “the Punisher” and has run a foul-mouthed election campaign, vowing to kill 100,000 criminals and feed their bodies to the fish.
Yet 71-year-old Rodrigo Duterte, whose own aides have encouraged comparisons with Donald Trump, is the shock frontrunner to be elected president of the Philippines and its 100 million people on Monday.
Victory for the volatile Mr Duterte, who is currently a provincial mayor, will
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May bumbero ako na sarili sa Davao City. Hindi ko naman minamaliit ang Bureau of Fire Protection but they don’t have the equipment. Pagka national ganoon eh. That’s the reason why there is a desperation. Why can’t we just do it right?” he told media.(Because it’s direct, ‘911,’ you have been to Davao. I have my own firetruck for Davao City. I am not belittling the Bureau of Fire Protection but they don’t have the equipment. When it comes to national agencies, it’s like that.) Asked where he would get the money for this, he said, “[There’s] plenty of money, huwag lang i-corrupt (as long as it does not go to…show more content…
Speaking to reporters on Tuesday morning a few hours after Duterte claimed victory; Peter Lavina said the plan “will require a wide national consensus beginning with asking congress to call for a constitutional convention”. “There will be major rewriting of our constitution,” he said. Duterte, 71, had promised during a foul-mouthed campaign to change from a centralised system to a federal parliamentary form of government, a policy that has been popular in provinces far from Manila. As mayor for two decades in the southern city of Davao, Duterte has complained that the capital “gets everything so regions are forced to beg”.During his campaign, Duterte pledged to kill tens of thousands of criminals and joked about raping an Australian missionary. His campaign symbol is a fist. Yet the man who has been labelled “the punisher” displayed a more reflective side of his character at about 3am on Tuesday shortly after results made it clear he had won, as he drove to a cemetery and wept at his parents’ graves. “Help me Mom,” he said as he sobbed in front of cameras. “I’m just a nobody.” He later told reporters he would “behave” as

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