Analysis Of The Poem ' Three Days '

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Three weeks! It 's been three weeks since Dask started going out with Clara. Three weeks I 've listened to him rave on about her and three weeks where every second sentence out of his mouth seems to be about the wonders of Clara DeVries. He 's been with her longer than any of his previous girlfriends. The dance has come and gone and he 's still with her! What is he thinking? It 's like she 's taken control of his mind. I 've had my fair share of crushes and girlfriends in the past. Though there 's no one that interested me at the moment. I was enjoying time to myself and hanging out with my mates. Clara may be nice and she may be cute, but I don 't see what 's so special about her. Though she does laugh at all of Dask 's lame jokes. She is smart and she 's loyal to him too. She has a sharp tongue for anyone who tries to mess with her or Dask and she is actually quite witty. Fine. She 's a pretty great girl and good for Dask. It annoys me though, she seems to have both the girlfriend and best friend positions all wrapped up. I was thinking about this when the bell rang after last period. I was making my way to the bus stop where Dask and I catch our bus home. There, sat on the bench, under the bus shelter at the bus stop, was Dask and Clara, engaged in conversation. I rolled my eyes. There 's another thing that annoys me about Dask and Clara being together, Clara seems to think we 're best friends too. It 's like she thinks she knows me, because of her involvement with Dask, and whatever bits of information she may have learned about me from their conversations. Also, when Dask isn 't nearby, she chatters away to me constantly and sits herself next to me in class and at lunch times. It 's like I spend more time with her ... ... middle of paper ... ...'t speak. He nodded his head instead, to show his agreement, and continued to watch me. His face had brightened. His eyes now danced with happiness and color had returned to his face to pinken his cheeks. His soft blue eyes twinkled once again and his pink lips were smiling just for me. "Race you to the lake?" I asked quietly, my hands still holding his. "Okay," Dask replied softly. Our eyes held for a moment. Then, I reluctantly let his hand go, picked up my bag and we took off together for the lake. We laughed as we nearly tripped over scattered rocks, slippery mossy grasses and we jumped over fallen branches. I felt the adrenaline as it ran through my veins, and helped pump my muscles. The fresh air filled my lungs and happiness radiated throughout my whole being. Any troubles we might have had were forgotten as we enjoyed the remainder of our day together.
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