Analysis Of The Play Fences

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Fences Character Analysis: Troy Maxson Troy Maxson is the main character in August Wilson’s liminal play Fences. A once-talented baseball player Troy at the opening of the play now works as a trash collector and is getting on in age, well past his time to play ball anymore. He has a solid friendship in Bono has for thirty or so years. He’s a married man to Rose and a father to Lyons and Cory. As the play unfolds it becomes obvious Troy is out of touch with his time, not just the era, but because of his color he was unable to fulfill the dreams of his youth due to racisms ever-changing policies. A big lumbering man built for excellence this once-gifted man whose only rivals in hitting baseball homeruns was Babe Ruth and Josh Gibson is now relegated to ogling other women and collecting the trash. He wants a better life for himself and his family, but lack of education and mitigating circumstances have dictated a lower class life where he is stranded amid the refuse he so desperately seeks to separate himself from. Now in his fifties he can still talk a good game and it may be the o...
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