Analysis Of The Pillars Of Citizenship

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In this course, we learned many concepts that have relationship with citizenship. And we know that citizenship is "the state of being vested with the rights, privileges, and duties of a citizen, the character of an individual viewed as a member of society, behavior in terms of the duties, obligations, and functions of a citizen" (par 1). People have rights and privilege as citizen, but also they must obey the law. I think the “Pillars of Citizenship” is mainly argue for the human rights. Declaration of Independence created to outline the American colonies ' decision to break apart from the British government. People at that time have many complaints about the British King, such as the trade taxes, the slavery problem, the presentation for…show more content…
In the essay of Rights of Man: he outlined the social institutions, and analysis the form of government. He stated the support to French revolution and defends the democracy as a form of government. On January 10, 1776, he published the 47-page pamphlet, Common Sense, which urged Americans to declare their independence and to replace the monarchy with a republic. Paine believed that democracy is the only form of government that can guarantee the natural rights of man. This is what I found in American History Central. As we can see, Paine believed that if people want the equal rights, the democracy is the only form that makes it come true. According to the lecture, democracy means ruled by majority, and the United States was the first truly representative, democratic form of government. I think it is very helpful for the development of the whole country. We can see every election period, the two major political parties have speech and make the citizens vote and elect the president that people are advocate. It worked really well, and the economy level was improved a lot after the Second World War. People have their voices, and everyone can…show more content…
According to the lecture, we learned that the grassroots activism become the fourth pillar of the citizenship. African-American grassroots group supported Paine’s idea about the equal rights of everybody. During that time, the Black Masons ware founded, and aim to abolish slavery. The Black Masons have many kinds of duties: they showed pity and compassion for strangers and help homeless people, show love to every black American family. They are grassroots group but they got many people’s support. Not only in America, but also they have connection with many global organization. John Marrant is one of the first black ministers to preach for the Calvinist Methodists in the US. He traveled to many countries all over the world and has speeches to them, and finally, the Black Masons became the first global civic organization because they were

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