Analysis Of The Piece O Mio Babbino Caro

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As you walk into the grand hall that is the main stage of the J. Scheidegger Center of the Arts and take your seat in the red plush seats the mood is set for the master pieces to come. The opening act provided energy that would have to carry you throughout the rest of the night. Overall a majority of the pieces took your breath away and captivated your being. The composure and professionalism of each eight count they graced the stage. In the piece O Mio Babbino Caro performed by Taylor Plodzien, Taylor performed a meticulous pointe configuration to an instrumental melody. She displayed an outstanding understanding of proper technique from her leaps with pointed not sickled feet, with her knees turned out and chest lifted, to her spotting and proper releve to plie during her pirouettes. This technique made following the story of longing for her father pleasurable. Her flowing motions and simple movements such as reaching towards the ebsis that is stage right created an emotional connection between the audience and the dance. The music selection, I previously mentioned, of instrument...

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