Analysis Of The OJ Simpson Case

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When people think or hear of a mystery case it gets their suspicions going more than likely. Many people have heard or know about the O.J. Simpson case and agree or disagree with the outcome that was settled. Most people believe that O.J. Simpson is guilty, yet the jury found him not guilty. Clearly, these facts indicate that the O.J. Simpson Case continues to confound researchers in today’s society. By realizing the essential facts surrounding this mystery and investigating the various theories regarding the case, one can see that the most obvious answer to this mystery is the amount of money that was involved, popularity, and the attorney to defend O.J. June 12, 1994 was a horrifying tragedy that took place the night of Nicole Simpson and…show more content…
Simpson has many reasons pertaining to why he is guilty when the jury clearly stated that he was not guilty. One reason is the amount of money that was involved. O.J. was a national football player, sports commentator, and actor which made him a very wealthy man. According to Saleem Mumtaz the author for “O.J. Simpson’s Net Worth” O.J made 303,000 as a football player this is not including the other titles this individual has (1). This shows that O.J is a very rich man and could pay large amounts to get the job done for him to be set as a free man. Also, according to Henry Lee who wrote the book “Cracking Cases the Science of Solving Crimes” states “the sequestration of the juries for fifteen months, at a pay scale of $5 per day, raised very serious issues about the country’s jury system, one’s that still need to be resolved”…show more content…
Simpson has many reasons to prove that he is guilty with the amount of money that was involved, his popularity, and the attorney he had to defend him being the most important. The history behind this case is devastating to know that Nicole and Ron were brutally put to death without punishment for the murderer who did this to them. O.J. was very wealthy due to the fact he was a football player, sports commentator, and actor. He also was very famous due to the roles that he was involved in. Not only did O.J. have money and fame, he also had his attorney who was a good friend of his before the trail defending him. O.J. Simpson should serve justice for the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman since justice was not

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