Analysis Of The Novel We Should All Be Feminist

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Some scientist, anthropologist, and sociologist assert that one of the greatest inventions of the human race of the 20th century is birth control. It’s because birth control has increased women’s rights by giving females the opportunity to control one’s birth and opportunity to propagate feminism. As one can see, intellectuals are agreed that feminism is one of the greatest movements on earth. However, the future of feminism isn’t promising. People’s indifference in gender norms and disinformation by ignorance making public to believe that feminism is a man-hating hate group. In the novel ‘We should all be Feminist’ explain why there should be no social resistance to changing current gender issue and through education
, those status quo can
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Adichie, author of ‘We should All be Feminist’, explains why people negatively view feminism even though feminism itself only promotes equality. Adichi asserts, “it shows that word feminism is so heavy with negative baggage: you hate men … you hate African culture
… you think women should be in charge”(Adichie 11). Feminism is one of the most innovative movements in the world. It had great influence in abolishing slavery and racism. However, feminism, in
21st century, is a word that no one wants to be called. It’s because image of feminism is viewed as a hate group. Misinformation and ignorance have created this false image that feminist are group of people that hate men and wants to make female dominant society. In contemporary society, people do not tolerate hate groups anymore. As long as feminism fails to change the image as a gender bias extremist, there’s going to be worldwide resistance towards feminism. Given that the society needs gender equality within society, people should let feminist do the job. Society’s view on feminism is terrible. In the novel, Adichi
OH 2 adds “These are the little things, but sometimes it is the little things that sting the most.” Little
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Also,that is one small step , but big step for feminism.
Feminism is in an crisis. Crisis can easily be deferrable when everyone fight against the common goal; abolish sexism.The public should accept the helpers of the society and let them cure the epidemic that’s sickening the society call sexism. Innovation is not hard. Do little bit and before one realizes change would be everywhere. People tend to prefer stability over a dramatic change in lifestyle even if it means improving the gender equality. This comes from a fact all cultures are worth protecting. Although some of the cultures helps define heritage and nationality, some deserve to be disappeared such as sexism. Adichi saids
“Culture does not make people. People make culture. If it is true that the full humanity of women is not our culture, then we can and must make it our culture” (Adichie 46). Everyone is brainwashed. The humanity is brainwashed that this sexism is part of culture and it’s something worth protecting. But it’s not. something worth protecting. But it’s not. Cultures should enrich one’s life instead of demeaning other people. Traditionalist and conservatives’s ideas can change with education. Ignorance from the
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