Analysis Of The Novel ' The Cold Blood '

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Geoffrey S. Fletcher once said that, “Characters who experience great trauma will sometimes create an escape”. This escape, for Perry Edward Smith anyway, was murdering four innocent people on November 15, 1959 in Holcomb, Kansas. However, there was no excuse for this massacre, but reasons as to why he did it are explainable, and these reasons lay deeply psychological. Perry Smith experienced a dreadfully traumatic life, starting from an adolescent age. Arguably, Perry could have led an ordinary life if it wasn’t for these certain traumatic occurrences. Three distinct experiences shaped his mental stability forever and directly correlated to his murderous ways, which included him never receiving a proper education, getting into a motorcycle accident, and being neglected his entire life. The novel In Cold Blood, written by Truman Capote, explains the journey of the Clutter family murder case. The Clutter family consisted of Herbert and Bonnie Clutter, the parents, their two children who lived inside of their house, Nancy and Kenyon Clutter, and their two other daughters who moved out, Beverly and Eveanna Clutter. The Clutters were a well-respected family throughout the small town of Holcomb, Kansas. However, Herbert was a wealthy farmer, his wife suffered from psychiatric spells, Nancy was the town’s sweetheart, and Kenyon was a soft-spoken teenager with an interest of building things. On a particular Saturday night in 1959, the family went to bed as usual, nothing seeming to be able to go wrong. That same night, they were all brutally murdered by Dick Hickock and Perry Smith for the reason being greed and wealth. After they murdered the family, they set out to travel to Mexico to search for riches, but it did not suit their exp... ... middle of paper ... a detective that Perry, in a conversation concerning his educational career, said “But no education, because he didn’t want me to learn anything, only how to tote and carry for him. Dumb. Ignorant. That’s the way he wanted me to be. So that I could never escape him. But you, Bobo. You went to school. You and Jimmy and Fern. Every damn one of you got an education. Everybody but me. And I hate you, all of you-Dad and everybody,” (Capote 185). Perry despised everyone in his family who got a proper education because he was jealous. He believed they all had a chance at an ordinary life and a place in the world, but he did not because he was not as intelligent. He eventually started to blame his violence tendencies on his lack of knowledge. He tried to regain and inherit more knowledge by receiving his GED in prison, but it still was not enough for need of inculcation.

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