Analysis Of The Novel ' Summer ' By Edith Wharton

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Unforbidden Love Have you ever love someone who you can’t be together with? The novel “Summer” by Edith Wharton states that during one summer, there was a girl name Charity Royall who fell in love with a young gentleman name Lucius Harney. Everything change when Charity knew Harney had the same feeling towards her. The significance of love that Charity felt for Harney was more than she can give to anyone, even if it’s not Mr. Royall who take her in when she was a little girl. At times, Charity didn’t know what to do or what decisions to make in her life unless she seek for advice, yet, she still do the opposite of what she don’t like. As it goes on, Mr. Royall would use informal ways of telling Charity not to date Harney and stop her from seeing him. Throughout the novel, Charity’s position was forces beyond her control. The first meeting Charity had with Harney was unexpected while working in the library. “The fact that, in discovering her, he lost the thread of his remark, did not escape her attention, and she looked down…” (Wharton3), the look that Harney gives to Charity, drew her attention on him. Harney would start off with a conservation looking for a book about the architecture of houses. Then he would rant on about how dusky the book in the shelf are and need some cleaning. Shortly after that he left the library. The next day, he came back to find some books about the houses, but then Charity was upset about he went and tell Ms. Hatchard about how she doesn’t do anything. Charity just went on and on about why did he do that. Without realizing Harney went and reach out for her hand, saying he didn’t mean in that way, yet he told her to wait until tomorrow. Once again, he came back telling her not to quit, to stay and c... ... middle of paper ... ...lf from the world and keeping a distance away from people causing her from being recognize. In the long run, Charity was force to make a decision without thinking. Throughout her life, she only experience with a little love and no attention. She would come home from work, cook, dealing with Mr. Royall drunk behavior, and going to her room afterward. Charity has never think about herself, what she really wanted. In the other way, she would do what others say and follow their needs instead. Despite, Charity didn’t expected everything to happen all in one summer. Consequently going through with Harney engagement, finding out about her birth mother who doesn’t really care about her, pregnant with Harney’s child lead her to marry Mr. Royall. Without knowing what to do or someone who she can trust, being that she give up her life to someone who is like a father to her.

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