Analysis Of The New Jim Crow

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With the concern of establishing authority, the officers may show aggressive manners upon arresting, but also depends on the behaviors of those who are arrested as they realize that they lose freedom within themselves that they had previously but discharged after being arrested (Irwin, 54). After the arresting, people wait for booking. At this stage they take their photographs and the officers take their fingerprints. They are free to smoke or call someone, but the tense in given environment does not typically allow people to be less frustrated. According to Irwin, the booking procedure depends on the location of the cells. The overall records and interviews indicate that the police officers may treat them in less harsh manners with disciplines…show more content…
However, the book indicates that the repute in numbers of arrest make the people to have less discomfort (Irwin, 61). The problem of feeling vulnerability increases with the fear of being raped by others that they had not known before, which were peaked in 1960s that white males had experienced rape from black males as they were targeted to show black hostility toward whites (Davis, 1968; as cited by John Irwin, 64).
While the chapter four of The Jail describes how people experience change in psychological process through disorganization after the arrest, the 4th chapter in The New Jim Crow covers how discrimination upon races especially towards black community gets worse when it is combined with criminalization to those who have committed a single crime that could be judged to be minor issue. The New Jim Crow approaches more on describing the perspectives of black males who got arrested and put into the jail, and the author, Michelle Alexander focuses their views and experiences from racial difference
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When the other book covers the hardship during the whole process towards conviction, The New Jim Crow covers not only what these people experience but also how a society is against them by not supporting with less systematized resources. Considering the importance of society’s structure on preventing reputes in crimes, the both book criticizes the current social system and offer an idea to the need of better policies unlike the current laws that is more close to abandoning these convicted people by socially marginalizing them with improper

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