Analysis Of The New Jim Crow

The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander examines the systemic oppression of African-Americans in The United States of America. Alexander, a civil rights lawyer by trade and former director for the racial injustice division within the ACLU.1 She is a highly accomplished writer and public speaker who scrutinizes the racial disparity amongst US citizens.

First with the mass abductions and then the enslavement of Africans, to the rights won and loss after Civil War, to the Jim Crow era laws put into place by segregationists, to the Justice system today in America. In the era of Obama, and the belief that with the election of the first African-American president, so came with it the end of racism.

Alexander uses historical facts to illustrate African-American persecution. She most notably focuses on the War on Drugs and the policies enacted to imprison African-Americans. The New Jim Crow also highlights the loss of public assistance from the government after being release from prison. Effectively rendering ex-felons as she puts it members of new caste systems in which they are
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However, it is not true, ex-felons lose various rights once they are found guilty. The loss of governmental help through welfare, public housing, and the ability to get gainful employment. Employment discrimination against ex-felons is illegal but is a practice many employers partake in.-No one wants to hire a ex-felon. Only 12.5 percent of employers say, “they’d accept an application from someone with a criminal record.” according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.12 Their lives are now restarted at the bottom rung of society, the stigma of their crimes has never washed off. It is found that when employment is available to ex-felons, it decreases the percentage of them
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