Analysis Of The Necklace By Guy De Maupassant

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In the story "The Necklace" written by Guy de Maupassant author in 1884, which is the short story from the 19th century French literature. The story takes place in Paris. The author Guy de Maupassant was famous for mystery story writing. His other stories are more famous that "The Necklace". He showed women 's sensuality than corruption. De Maupassant lifestyle reflected his negative view of women. He was famous for his relationship with women and dies of syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease. In the source, by Joyce Moss and George Wilson states that "In the 19th century women 's were not given that important like giving the vote, going out without husband or a family member, limited education. In those days fashion was consider the symbol…show more content…
The author Maupassant states "Here 's something for you" (Para 9). He had trouble getting the invitation and her reaction to that was throwing it. She says in the (Para 12) "What do you want to do with that?" as she did not have anything appropriate to wear among the rich people. The maupassant 's states Why, the dress you go to the theater in" (Para 19). Her husband tries to please her with that invitation, so that she can enjoy that night with him. Instead of appreciating him for the invitation, which he got with lot of trouble. She wants new dress and jeweler for the ball night. He saved the money for his next summer shooting trip with his friends. The author states "All right. I will give you four hundred francs. And try to have a pretty dress"(Para 29). He gave her the money for the dress without thinking about himself, now she demands for the necklace. He says "You might wear some natural flowers. It 's very stylish at this time of year" (Para 35). He told her borrow the necklace from her friend Madam Forestier and she gives her the diamond necklace. Next day she goes to Madame Forestier 's house to borrow the necklace and she gives her this stunning diamond necklace. In the source the author Jason Pierce "The main character is trying to fulfill her desire for the ball, the gown, and the most importantly, Madame Forestier 's jewels" (Para…show more content…
Everybody 's eyes was on her, all men asked her name and desire to dance with her even the minister himself. She felt as if she had win something that day, her dream to be rich was fulfill. In the source the author Jason Pierce states "Her life before was filled with "grief, regret, despair, and misery", with Madame Forestier 's jewels about her neck she is "elegant, graceful and happiness"(Para 4). They had fun and left at 4 am. When they were leaving her husband brought the coat to cover her so she do not feel cold. She was instead shame of her coat that will reflect her poverty in others, so she ran outside so no one notice her. She and her husband take the cab and ahead home. But after coming home she realizes that the necklace is lost. In the story Maupassant states "I have - I have - I 've lost Mme. Forestier 's Necklace". He went back and look everywhere, but he was not able to find. In the source author Jason Pierce states "Her dress or her memories of the ball, she cannot hold onto it, the mystery of the story arise"(Para 4). They do not have any choice buying it the next day. It costs 36 thousand francs, which is double the money they had. Now they are in debt and poorer than ever. They return the necklace to Mme. Forestier and she did not open the box. Her husband has to work more hours for the next 10 years to pay the debt. She lost her beauty and had to work. The author maupassant 's states "Mme.

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