Analysis Of The National Anthem Protest

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The National Anthem Protest
Last week, I had to lead the audience in reciting the pledge of the pledge of the allegiance at my high school’s National Honor Society induction ceremony. Even though it is something that I have been doing since I was younger, I did not feel comfortable doing it. When one is in elementary school, one does not think about what he or she is saying or why he or she is saying it. But now that I am older and I actually know the significance of reciting the pledge of allegiance and standing during the national anthem, a lot of questions come to mind. Did the pledge apply to my ancestors, the ones who build this country? Does it apply to me, a young black woman who wants to give back to this country, now? Of course though,
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Back in August, during a preseason game, Kaepernick remained seated during the national anthem. When interviewed, Kaepernick stated that he is fighting against police brutality in America and he refuses to stand and represent a flag that oppresses black people. He believes that he cannot have a platform to speak out about social injustices and turn the other way; it is his duty to stand up for what is right. His protest is a response to the many wrongful shootings of African American men by police officers and the failure to prosecute those officers. As expected, Colin Kaepernick received a lot of backlash for his actions. A lot of people even suggested that Colin Kaepernick be suspended for his immoral and disrespectful actions against the United States of America. Even though, sitting during the national anthem is a spit in the face of the men and women who fight for this country, Colin Kaepernick is not wrong and he has good intentions. He started a movement across the National Football League and other professional sport organizations where other players and teams would also protest against the anthem. People should respect what Colin Kaepernick is doing by standing against the national anthem because it brings attention to the main issues of racial oppression and police brutality, it is his own way, indifferent to the Black Lives Matter movement, and it is "anti- American" to strip him of his first amendment

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