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In the movie Training Day Denzel Washing plays the role of Alonzo who is a veteran cop in the narcotics field who works the streets of Los Angeles. A rookie by the name of Jake Hoyt played by Ethan Hawke. Jake is going to be trained over a 24-hour period by Alonzo to see if he has what it takes to be a narcotics officer in the streets of L.A There appears to be several problems that arise though when Jake sees Alonzo’s choice of enforcing the law. The methods that Alonzo uses in enforcing the law are actually breaking the law. Jake begins to find himself in a moral dilemma as Alonzo is throwing the day progresses and the moral structure that Jake has an officer away.

In one of the first insistences where Jake beats up two men and tries
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The people on the streets did not respect him because they didn’t respect a corrupt police officer. Prior to Alonzo being murdered by the Russians, Jake and Alonzo had a fight and Alonzo said the first person to shoot Jake would be a rich man. What did not count on is that nobody wanted to do his dirty businesses because they knew it was wrong. They may have killed but they knew that Jake was not a bad cop because of him fighting Alonzo. They saw that Jake had morals and that trying to run the streets was not right and street justice is not better then court justice. They wanted a cop that would carry out his job the right way and not use his or her authority to overpower those who either are in trouble or those scared of what they could do to them and their families. The government should be able to imposed laws such as murder to be universally wrong. We are human and it is not our job to play God. It is wrong morally and ethical to take someone’s life when there is a better alternative. As a government we need to understand that people see actions differently and that not everything is held as right in one sense. As the legal scholar Joel Feinberg argues, “every community needs certain core moral values by which all of its members should live. These core values are necessary for the well-being of the community and the survival of its members. Outside of these few, basic values, however, communities are made stronger by leaving room for diversity” (Willaims, 2012, pg.81). I think that this statement is very true we cannot be imposing our will on everyone. It is critical to be mindful of those we are viewing and as this movie showed there are basic morals that when broken you lose the respect from

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