Analysis Of The Movie ' Solomon '

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5.Which is a worse experience to be born into slavery and never know freedom or to be free and taken into slavery? It is much worse to be free and taken into slavery. Once the person have tasted freedom, slavery will be more than unbearable for him/her. When the person is free, the person is respected and independent. Once the person is taken into slavery, the person is being dehumanized. The sudden change from free to enslaved is certainly unbearable; just like the movie, Solomon is tormented by the idea of enslavement at night. Although it is sad that a person who was born into slavery never knew how it feels to be free, the person also does not experience the drastic difference between free and enslaved personally. Like what the movie said, the ones who were born into slavery were not going to rebel: they were taught to be obedient and diligent, and things that will prevent them from punished, especially not to rebel. Because the ones who were born into slavery never felt liberty, they will never experience the despair once someone is enslaved. What is the negative impact of being a slave owner? From my perspective, although slave owners would be considered as extremely cruel by the abolitionists and people from a later time period, slave owners would be highly respected in the South. In the South, slaves are a part of the plantation owner’s wealth; the owner with many slaves would be respected because the owner has great wealth that enabled the owner to buy slaves. Because slaves were not paid, slaves’ contributions to the field generate greater wealth for the owner: the more slaves a person owned, the wealthier the person was. In the South, where slavery is the norm, there was no significant negative impact of being a slave ... ... middle of paper ... ...m reminded me to have my own judgment and not to blindly follow what everyone else consider to be the norm. This film also made me wonder: when it is many years from now, how much of the social norm today would be considered to be cruel and unusual? One criticism that I had for the movie was that the movie focused too heavily on the slave owners rather than elaborating on the hardships faced by Solomon during the twelve years as a slave. I feel the director might be a little bit too ambitious: being a story teller while critiquing the evilness of the slavery. As a result of the two roles that the film was playing at the same time, the goal of this film became a little bit more ambiguous, and this caused me to spend more time wondering how I would be as a Southerner rather than sympathizing with Solomon’s experience or reflecting upon the horrors presented in the film.
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