Analysis Of The Movie Pinocchio

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In 1941, the movie Dumbo became the fourth film in the Disney American Canon. This movie officially premiered on October 23, 1941 produced by Walt Disney Productions, released by RKO Radio Pictures, and recorded using the RCA system. During this era, the Disney studio started to experience financial trouble as Pinocchio and Fantasia did not succeed to Walt’s expectations in the box office. Walt Disney and his crew wanted to make sure that Dumbo would be the most emotional piece of work to date in order to help to studio into success. At 64 minutes, Dumbo is one of Disney 's shortest animated feature and a huge box office hit that had became iconic to WWII as it was hailed by critics and audiences as a joyous film, appropriate for such vulgar…show more content…
Mrs. Jumbo gets her baby elephant delivered to her belatedly by a stork. Revealing her baby, the baby elephant has abnormally large ears and gets teased, whom becomes nicknamed Dumbo. Later in the story, Mrs. Jumbo defends her son by attacking the teasing spectators. As a result, she is put into solitary confinement. Dumbo becomes lonely until he meets Timothy Q. Mouse who becomes his best friend and mentor who helps him become successful and famous in the circus. Throughout the whole story, we accompany several characters that shape the growth of Dumbo’s character. The Elephant Matriarch, voiced by Verna Felton, is a major antagonist from the 1941 Disney film Dumbo. She is the leader of the circus elephants such as Catty, Giddy, and Prissy. These elephants make fun of Dumbo because of his ears throughout the film. When Mrs. Jumbo is put into solitary confinement, the Matriarch and Catty blame Dumbo for her actions and ignore his presence, causing him to feel alone. Timothy Q. Mouse sees how the elephants are being rude to Dumbo and frightens the elephants. Timothy Q. Mouse, voiced by Edward Brophy, is the deuteragonist in the film. His primary goal is to help Dumbo become rich and famous, along with rescuing his imprisoned mother. After seeing the Dumbo abused and shunned by the other elephants, Timothy…show more content…
Dumbo posters which were used to advertise the movie were bold and bright. The original advertising was very similar to a circus poster. The posters were presented in different languages such as Japanese, French, and Polish. Since the strike was during the same era as Dumbo, merchandising for Disney movies was very minimal, and all of the crew at the Disney studios relied on the money that their films made to pay all expenses and make a profit for the studio. In 1986, the film received a remastering and released a 50th Anniversary edition, which served as a "Masterpiece Collection" in 1994. The first DVD was released in 2001, followed by a "Big Top" edition in 2006. A sequel was planned for home video release (which was previewed on the 2001 60th Anniversary DVD). Media and merchandise was put into live-action television shows, books, theme park rides, and video games. Dumbo 's Circus was a live-action/puppet television series for preschool audiences that aired on The Disney Channel in the 1980s. Unlike in the film, Dumbo spoke on the show. Each character would perform a special act, which ranged from dancing and singing to telling knock knock jokes. Several children books such as Walt Disney 's Dumbo: Happy to Help, Walt Disney 's Dumbo Book of Opposites, and Walt Disney 's Dumbo the Circus Baby were released to advertise the movie and character itself. Dumbo the Flying
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