Analysis Of The Movie Pay It Forward

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“ Think of an idea to change our world-and put it into action.” This movie is about a boy, Trevor McKinney, and the idea he came up with to change the world. This idea started when Trevor’s teacher, Mr. Eugene Simonet, required his 7th grade Social Studies class to come up with an idea that could change the world as a requirement for the whole school year. Trevor came up with the concept of “Pay it forward” where he would do a good deed for three people and ask nothing in return from them but to just pay it forward and do good deeds to three other people. He helped a homeless man by giving him money and providing him with food and shelter for a while. Then, he helped Mr. Simonet in easing his loneliness by introducing him to his mother. Lastly,…show more content…
Trevor’s idea may be a bit unrealistic and far-fetched but just like what they say, a good deed goes a long way. It does not matter if the chain of good deed starts small. What matters is that people realize how doing good to others actually does them good. Reaching out for others, in any way, may inspire others to do such as well. Even a gangster was inspired to show compassion after he was done something good. As ambitious as it may seem, the idea could possibly pave way to a better and more peaceful world. A concept highlighted in the movie was altruism. Altruism involves behavior directed to the benefit of another with possible expense at the part of the doer. It encompasses selflessness and genuine concern. Although the kind of altruism shown in the movie was not true and pure because the good deed done to others ask for good deeds to be done to others in return, we could still say it is a premium kind of altruism directed and focused on the betterment of today’s society. Besides, there exists no true altruism as doing good already rewards the doer with a feeling of lightness and
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