Analysis Of The Movie ' My Big Fat Greek Wedding '

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The movie of My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a story of a traditional Greek Family and their thirty year old daughter Toula who had pass the age of getting married and starts a family of her own . Toula’s and her family lived in a normal middle class neighbourhood in a traditional Greek home with Greek statues on their front lawn, and owned a nice Greek restaurant name the Dancing Zorbas where she work as a seating hostess (My) Although, traditional roles may be a thing of the pass . Most traditional families expect that their children should follow traditional norms and values, and even though, Toula wish she had a different life , was braver,and even prettier, nothing never changes for her. Instead she was expected to go to Greek school, learn Greek so that she could write her mother -in - law letters, educate non- Greek about being Greek , married young like her sister, became a Greek baby machine and spoke two volumes loud and louder (My) Gender roles can also play a vital part in society. Gus Portakalos thinks that a man is the head and that nice Greek girl who don’t find a husband works in their family restaurant , and that it’s a mistake to educate women,and did not think Toula needed to go to college to learn computers when she could run the family restaurant (My) Often times family expectation for their children can affect their lives as they are forced to take on family businesses and follow the professional path that their parents has chosen for them. On the other hand, Maria Portakalos thinks that the women are the neck and she can turn the head anywhere she wants and that Toula should go to college to learn computers and tourism and work at her Aunt Violet travel agency because her aunt suffers with the two family busin... ... middle of paper ... ...e, make monetary gifts , pay for their desired honeymoon destination, as they begin their new journey together as husband and wife(My) Also, many cultures also adapt traditional values which they too pass on from one generation to the other and even though Ian had assimilated into the Greek culture he too believed that if you spray windex on anything it will make it better .Toula was send to a Greek school to learn how to write her mother-in- law letter and many years later she too had repeated the same traditional values of sending her daughter to Greek school (My) Although, Socialization , Norms and Values are areas that can affect the traditional family in today’s society . Gus acknowledges that the word Miller in Greek meant apple and that Portakalos meant Orange and even though, they were different in culture , norms and values in the end they were fruits (My)

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