Analysis Of The Movie ' I Don 't Give A Fuck What A Nigga Say '

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“I don’t give a fuck what a nigga say,” for a word that many different things I think most people would agree that in this since nigga means a person preferably black. Nigga is a derogatory and racist word that refers to Black people. But, we, meaning Black people, still use it. We do not care, nigga flows off the tough. In using nigga we not only show disdain but become a nigga when using it and we’re ok with it. This is why I choose Katt Williams, 2006 comedy skit Pimp Chronicle Part 1. In William’s skit he use nigga some 221 times, in 45 minute, that’s about four times per minute. I could not find a better example of someone using nigga. 221 times, he must have something interesting to say if he can find 221 reason to say the word and you know what he did. I could not help but laugh it was funny, but at the end of the day I knew though it may have been funny it was still morally wrong. In Williams, he uses nigga in ways that support Black stereotypes, which make the audience laugh. There is nothing worng with that a mans gotta make a live some way. I am not going to lie William’s is a funny, but some of the things he says are funny because you do not really understand it, but it sounds funny so lets laugh. A prime example is when Williams say, “Niggardom,” I am guessing that it means the state of being a nigga, which in it self is hilarious. Which is why the whole audience laughs when he says it, they laugh so much that Williams pauses and proceeds to say it a second time, “Niggardom.” I cannot help but laugh because funny is funny. Why its funny is the problem. To me a nigga is an ignorant person, who come in all shape, sizes, education back round, and personalities. With this connotation of a nigga, I began to understan... ... middle of paper ... ...a,” he is either referring to himself, a friend, or another black person. He never really uses it to refer to any other race of people. For instance, Williams starts talk about a Chrystler 300, which is a stereotypical Black person car, “If God don bless you with a Chrystler 300, be happy you got a Chrystler 300. Stop walkin around talkin ‘bout, nigga I got it because it looks just like a Phatom. No Nigga, it look like a Chrystler 300.” We know that a Chrystler 300 is a stereotypical car for a black male so we can reasonable assume that Williams is not talk about a white guy driving a Chrystler. When I was heard this joke I had to look the car up and it was not until I say it that I realized that yep, I had seen that car multiple time and pretty all of the time the drive what a black male. So here we not only get this derogatory term but we get a stereotype as well.

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