Analysis Of The Movie Home Alone

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The movie that I will be analyzing for this paper is Home Alone. The movie was directed by Chris Columbus and released in 1990. The film follows the dramatic progression of exposition, complication and dénouement. The movie begins with an exposition and tells the audience the location and characters. Kevin McCallister, the main character, and large McCallister family are the first to be introduced in the movie. Other key character also introduced is old man Marley: rumor says that he is a murderer, and the two wet bandits Henry and Marv. The film took place at the McCallister home in Chicago and the neighborhood near the McCallister home. The family is going on a Christmas vacation to Paris the next morning, but the mischievous Kevin caused a milk mess after struggling with his older brother who ate all the cheese pizza. Kevin’s mom then sends Kevin to spend the night in the third floor in which Kevin wishes his family would disappear when he wakes up.
The movie was built from the numerous complications throughout the film, but has two main points of complication that made the story of the movie how it is. Although the focus of the movie is about Kevin, the movie first crucial complication of the McCallister family waking up late for their trip to Paris played a big role for the plot. The family did not realize that Kevin was still asleep in the third floor in the midst of chaos to get to the airport before the flight departs. When Kevin’s oldest sister did a head count, a neighbor boy was present during the count and is mistaken for being Kevin. This first complication is what led to everything else that happened the way it did in the film. If it wasn’t for the family waking up late and forgetting about Kevin, the...

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... was there. I continue to see this technique used over again in many of more scenes in the movie, and I’ve never realized it like that before until learning about the various techniques of edits and shots.
The movie Home Alone follows the dramatic progression of exposition, complication, climax, and dénouement and does a great job building the many complications and main complications that led to the climax of the movie. The film uses both objective and subjective shots, but while watching an audience would subconsciously miss the fact that there are subjective viewpoint in the film. Aside from knowing that there are many conflicts in a movie to make a movie because how can a film story progress if there is not conflict. From doing this assignment, I think I can group the many conflicts in a film and point at one or two major point that construct the movie.