Analysis Of The Movie For The Love Of A Child

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In the movie For the Love of a Child, it focuses on the complex issue of child abuse and neglect in the United States. Child abuse is still a very prevalent issue not only in the United States but around the world. Each year there are over three million reports of child abuse in the United States, and each day between four and seven children lose their life to child abuse and neglect. Child abuse can be categorized into four sectors; sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. Social workers play a major role in child welfare and dealing with cases of child abuse. Their goals in these cases are to intervene on situations of abuse, and “help families by identifying and addressing the individual, familial, and community challenges they encounter,” and work towards preventing…show more content…
According to their studies, they found that on a microeconomic level, when the economy is down then abuse rates go up. They also found that rates of child abuse and neglect are more prevalent in families experiencing economic hardships and high levels of stress.( Lindo, 2013) This would make it plausible to say that because so many minority families live in poverty stricken neighborhoods and deal with certain stresses, that this could be an explanation to this trend. While this is a valid extrapolation to make, it is not fully justified because not only minority families deal with child abuse. Also, not all families that experience instances of child abuse are poor and not all cases of child abuse take place during economic recessions, however it is still important to take into account the social environments and look at how they shape or play a part in the trends. There have also been trends found in the perpetrators of child abuse, according to the article economic conditions and child abuse, men play a role in 62 percent of child abuse cases, whereas women play a role in 41 percent. (Lindo, 2013) They state
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