Analysis Of The Movie Deviance

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In sociology, deviance has been a highly discussed topic as it relates to human behavior and the impact that a persons social environment has on an individual. Deviance can be defined as behavior that violates what is considered to be socially acceptable, or normal in a society. A large reason for the controversy associated with the definition of the word, or classifying a person as deviant is the difficulty in determining the validity of the term normal. Despite the different theories on deviance and its meaning, what appears to be consistent is that the environment and social influence plays a significant role in what is deemed deviant and what is considered acceptable behavior in a community.
While what is considered “normal” may be subjective
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I will be examining the drama “Traffic”, analyzing the above-mentioned forms of deviant behaviors demonstrated by certain characters in the film. While I’ll be placing great emphasis on their deviant behaviors, I will also be discussing the theories that each are associated with each deviant behavior, as well as why the behaviors are considered to be against the societal norm.
Traffic is a mélange of inter-related stories regarding drug trafficking, the dangers and violence associated with drug trafficking, and the realistic insight of the impact that drugs and the drug-trading world has in this country. Due to the context of the film, deviant behavior is illustrated from start to finish of the film and is the perfect depiction of how social influence and the environment has on determining and causing deviant
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Where once she was the trophy and ideal child to a prestigious family, her goal to escape that reality lead her to substance abuse to create a new and ultimately rebellious person, far different from societal expectations. Theorists again categorize this behavior as falling under structural strain theory, in that rebellion leads people to join larger factions or counter cultures where defiant behavior already

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