Analysis Of The Movie ' Clueless '

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An Analysis of the Film Clueless Amy Heckerling’s movie Clueless focuses on an upper middle class 16-year-old girl, Cher, who lives in a nice neighborhood with her father and stepbrother, Josh. Cher and her friend, Dionne, take in a new girl, Tai, to help her fit into their high school. All of the major characters in the movie are in adolescence, which ranges from 10-19 years of age. In adolescence, teenagers undergo cognitive and emotional development. According to Piaget’s cognitive developmental theory, adolescents are in formal operational period from 11-20 years of age. During this period, adolescents develop abstract thinking and rational decision making. They experience two aspects of adolescent egocentrism, imaginary audience and personal fable, that leads to cognitive development. Emotional development in teenagers is a result of hormones running wild in their body. The film focuses on the way an adolescent reacts to different obstacles, such as bad grades and social problems, while going through cognitive and emotional development. There are several cultural and social differences present in the film. Cultural differences include when Cher mentions coke with her lunch and Tai thought she meant the drug coke, also known as cocaine, instead of the beverage coke. Because Cher comes from an upper middle class background, her upbringing, culture and language are different. Tai, on the other hand, comes from a middle class background and coke, short for cocaine, is a common street word. Therefore, the different backgrounds and upbringings cause word confusion between the girls. There is social class difference among the group members present in the film. In the beginning of the film, Tai shows interest in Travis, a ... ... middle of paper ... a lot on themselves and become somewhat self-centered. Adolescence is also the time when emotions run wild. Emotions are affected by hormones such as “estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone that are produced by the gonads” (Kulkarni, 2015). In the film, when Cher mislabels the August files with September files she becomes embarrassed and starts crying for damaging her father’s case. Her emotions are running freely in this scene because the hormonal changes cause the situation to affect her excessively. Adolescence is the period of development when emotional and cognitive changes occur within the body. These changes lead adolescents away from their family circle; that allows the adolescents to observe culture and societal differences. Furthermore, when adolescents shift their focus away from their family group, they are able to develop their own identity.

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