Analysis Of The Movie 'Blackfish'

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Blackfish (2013), directed by Gabriella Cowperthwaite, did an excellent job of explaining the most recent events that have happened down in SeaWorld with orca whales. However, the movie did a subpar job on explain the different efforts Disney has done in order to rehabilitate the whales. Her argument about how animal are abused and insufficient housing by SeaWorld and other organization is partly correct, as there are more expensive and healthier ways to house these huge mammals, but the agreement is one sided. I don’t think that anyone can blame SeaWorld for not wanting to be interviewed in a documentary that is only attacking them. In doing research about movie reviews for blackfish there is a unanimous voting that the movie is not only good, but also a correct interpretation of the truth behind SeaWorld. The review from Christopher Hooton for the states, “For killer whales to wave a fin at the audiences from their watery jail cell is an inherent immorality That is brought thrashing to the surface in this documentary.” However, for anyone who has seen the movie or the evidence the whales show that they are happiest while preforming, it is when they stop and are left alone that they become more…show more content…
The video is has made SeaWorld lose money, which in return prevents them from helping out these orcas with rehabilitation as well as expanding their environment to be more natural. In a world where there is little regulation instead of making the problem worse there should be opportunities to help improve it. Cowperthwaite missed the opportunity to see what SeaWorld is doing in order to take responsibility for these animals such as what they are doing in San Diego and expand their rehabilitation programs for orca, because she was to focused on obtaining answers about the incidents with injury or
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