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Beowulf Overtime, people have adjusted the way certain books relate to movies. Not everything that they display in a movie was in the book they took it from. Perhaps it had the same concept or idea but it wasn’t exactly they same situation or event that did happen in the book. Or maybe it’s the other way around, though that rarely ever occurs. Because of the emotional sophistication of modern audience the creators of the movie Beowulf vastly charge the storyline from the Epic Story. The story of Beowulf was originally a old Pagan story. It’s purpose was to show heroic deeds on how a man, named Beowulf, killed a monster named Grendel, his mother and a dragon. It shows its character loyalty to his soldiers or people, the importance of honor and bravery. It shows the culture, l their way of living and difficulties that they experienced. And in the old Pagan story, Beowulf is honest with his words. He would tell the truth and not exaggerate any story, and if it sounded unbelievable it’s because Beowulf wasn’t like any other human. He had a ridiculous amount of strength. When he fought against Grendel, to save Hrothgar’s city and people, he did it by himself and his men even if Grendel was as the same strength as Beowulf . Though, Beowulf was the one who killed Grendel by ripping out his arm with his bare hands. This showed how strong Beowulf was and it was, as if, important to Beowulf to show that he was capable of killing monsters or anything that faced him, especially Grendel’s mother. She lived at the bottom of a lake. And when Beowulf decided to kill her, he went to the lake swam down and start killing many monsters on his way down there. He tried to kill Grendel’s mother with Unferth’s sword but isn’t able to penetrate her s... ... middle of paper ... ...eople that he killed her. He in fact gave a son to the ,sea hag, Grendel’s mother. On the last battle against the dragon, Beowulf’s son, he tried to fight him. He showed the bravery and loyalty by following the dragon and not fleeing. And when Beowulf dies he doesn’t catch on fire like in the story explained it. In the movies they change all this to make it more dramatic and add intensiveness to the movie to capture the attention of the people. If Beowulf would have gotten on fire he would have just burned to death. The story of Beowulf was change to the audience appeal. One was made to give stories about a hero and what it was expected from them. While another one was intended to just entertain an audience. Stories have changed overtime and it’s purpose to show how things weren’t meant to be. Even if movies aren’t like the book it still shows the old pagan ways.

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