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The film Awakenings is based on the true story of a neurologist attempting to overcome the condition of catatonic patients. Opening with a scene featuring young boys enjoying life and then quickly entering a new scene in a psychiatric ward with elderly patients, the director Penny Marshall successfully creates the image of lost time, a major theme throughout the story. Dr. Malcolm Sayer arrives at the ward as a new hire and, much to his surprise, becomes extremely attached and invested in the patients he interacts with, in particular Leonard Lowe, the young boy from the opening scene, and Lucy. After discovering that the catatonic patients are still capable of responses, as seen when Lucy catching her glasses and Leonard’s brain waves in response…show more content…
As a whole, the film conveys that people should not live their lives by simply going through the mechanical motions that often create an average day, but, instead, they should strive to practice an active lifestyle. Awakenings strongly illuminates the purposeful spirit seen in the aroused patients once they receive the opportunity to experience life in a conscious manner opposed to their prior lifeless, stagnant condition. This is also demonstrated in the final scenes where Dr. Sayer invites the nurse to go on a date for coffee, something he was afraid of doing before he comprehended the shortness and value of life. The film suggests that creating and maintaining relationships with other human beings is essential to experiencing the fullness of life. For example, the relationship between Dr. Sayer and Leonard significantly impacts both individuals. Leonard receives a friend and a mentor who advocates and acts in the best interest on his journey while Dr. Sayer expands his view on life’s meaning through his interactions with Leonard. Their relationship demonstrates the impact people have upon each other as the rest of Dr. Sayer’s life will be influenced by his friendship with Leonard. Likewise, the film fixates on the mother-son relationship between Leonard and his mom. The film beautifully portrays the mixture of emotions, such as joy, confusion, uncertainty, and sadness, that Leonard’s mother experiences upon being reunited with her son. Emotions and feelings are a major component of defining a human, so, by both evoking emotions from the audience and displaying the feelings of the characters, Awakenings explores living a life filled with relationships and emotions of various

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