Analysis Of The Millennials And Dating

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The Millennials and Dating Summer just always had the best parties out of the year. No one had any cared if they had work the next day, or other responsibilities. I was just hanging out in the kitchen refilling my cup when my friend Chrissy came in. She just refilling her cup when I had to ask about the new guy she had been seeing. Chrissy looked at me like I had two heads, "Honestly nothing. We 're just kind of having fun. He could never be boyfriend material or someone I could seriously see myself with by next year, but he is a good kisser" she laughed while telling me. This concept was new to me. I soon figured out a lot of people I thought were dating or seeing each other were simply just hooking up with no intentions…show more content…
This new term intrigued me, so I did some further investigating. I found an article titled "The Hook-Up Culture: How An Entire Generation Forgot How To Actually Date Someone" by Miranda Kulp in the Elite Daily. The article went on to say how my generation, the millennials, no longer date, they simply just hangout and hookup. The article also went on to say how our generation is afraid of commitment and this is why we have created a hookup culture. Apps like Tinder and Hot or Not are supposedly ruining our generation 's dating life. By the end the article suggest that we put down our iPhones and actually go out on dates. They tell how our parents were college sweethearts and got married right after graduation, so why can 't our generation have the same beliefs as them. The author of the article and suggest that the millennials have heartless exteriors that are actually hopeless romantics instead. My generation is the hookup generation. We don 't go out on dates compared to our parents. We are afraid to out labels on anything. During your twenties you 're more likely…show more content…
Statistically the later in life you get married, the lower the divorce rate is. Another way millennials hookup culture came about is student debt. The article from the Elite Daily argues that the millennials need to go out on dates. They should know how to talk to a girl instead of texting her to hangout. This is a nice idea. Even myself has been out on actual dates. Though the dates I went out on were with a guy who worked full time and never went to college so he never had to worry about money so much since he didn 't have that many bills to pay. In fact our first date alone was around sixty to eighty dollars, which he could afford with no student debt. Our generation is stacked with more student loans and debt than ever before. Also more people than ever before are now going to college. In our society its now frowned upon by not going to college. This leads to our students rushing to college when most students end up going to college either undeclared or changing majors by their second year. College students are overworking themselves with double majors and being the president of every five clubs and often overlook finding a part time job. How is our generation suppose to be dating when

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